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The Moon's Current Phase and Position  This Java Applet shows the current phase of the Moon, the percentage of the lunar disk illuminated, the Age of the Moon (ie. the number of days elapsed since the moment of the last New Moon), its current distance from the Earth (1km = 0.6214 statute miles) and the dates of the next New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter phases. Also shown are the dates when the Moon next reaches perigee (its closest point to the Earth) and apogee (its furthest point from the Earth). The diagram shows the Moon orientated with North up and East towards the left (i.e. the Northern hemisphere view); Southern hemisphere observers will need to invert the image to obtain a correct view.

The 'Lunar Phases Applet' is produced by Gary Nugent and can be downloaded free of charge from his website, Night Sky Observer (if you have Javascript disabled in your browser, the Applet will not display).

Copyright  Martin J Powell  November 2005